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White 2015 Chevy TahoeAutomatic Transmission, 6557 Miles, Power Windows and Locks, drivers seat airbag has been deployed along with the drivers roof airbag. All other airbags look good, Park Assist, Am Fm and CD. Damage to Drivers Front and Rear Door. Priced at $15,000 Salvage Title sold as is.

Black 2011 Volkswagon Jetta, 63,791 Miles, Automatic Transmission, Power windows and locks, passenger roof airbag deployed, all others look good, AM FM CD Player, Damage To Passenger Rear Door. Priced at $4,200. Salvage Title sold as is.

Silver 2013 Ford Focus SE with Flex Fuel, automatic transmission,power windows and locks, am fm cd aux usb. Hit in front, passenger dash airbag and roof airbags deployed, drivers steering wheel and lower air bag also deployed, cracked windshield, hood crumpled and bumper support is gone. Asking 2,950.